A Simple Plastic Surgery SEO Checklist

By plastic312 / October 22, 2019

Attracting and reaching new patients is one of the biggest hassles that plastic surgeons may face. If you are a plastic surgeon, you’re pretty well aware of that. 

Even when patients have been referred to your clinic, some of them will prefer self refers. With the enormous popularity of online searches, most of these patients and prospective patients will turn to their desktops and smartphones to search for plastic surgery clinics they would prefer. 

How do you make SEO useful for a cosmetic surgery clinic? 

If you want to attract new patients towards your clinic, you need to use online marketing. The most effective form of driving new patients online is search engine optimization. You need to find out how you can appear at the top of search results through SEO. 

To make your SEO strategy perfect, you need to follow some guidelines and keep yourself updated with the continuous changes taking place in this marketing strategy. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to upgrade your SEO game in the market:

Conduct keyword research

A keyword analysis is one of the most critical steps in achieving high notch results with your SEO strategy. You need to create a useful list of keywords and phrases and review how competitive they are in your cosmetic surgery industry. You need to consider the recent search engine queries on the keywords and prioritize them through phrases, singulars, and plurals or even misspellings. However, you need to be careful when using misspellings since Google will attempt to correct them during searching.

Optimize your SEO content

Whenever you want to post any content on your site, you first need to select topics containing high search traffic and accompany it with on-page optimization. Your content must have an introduction that profoundly captures the attention of the readers. 

If you fail to convince the readers within the first few seconds of reading your content, they will be turned off and hit the back button without proceeding to see what you wanted them to see. Your introduction must resonate with the readers, promise a solution to their needs, and build trust in them. Make sure that your content uses keyword-based titles and integrate your selected keywords and phrases within the content.

 Create and post easy-read content

Search engine algorithms require you to create relevant content that is free from ambiguities and mistakes such as grammar. When you write content that is not readable, prospective patients will have a difficult time reading and scanning the keywords. You should avoid writing massive paragraphs but rather use bold and bullet points to make them readable.

Conduct search performance analysis

Analyzing how your site performs in Google search helps you to modify various areas of your website to achieve great results and improve your site performance. Major search engines such as Google have free webmaster tools that you can use to analyze how they perform. 

Google, for instance, provides a tool known as Search Console. This tool can help you to find your Google content as well as how you perform in Google search results. Using Google’s search console can help you identify issues with your keywords, understand leading searches used to reach a page, and specify your preferred domain. 

You can as well getting notifications of violations of quality guidelines as well as requesting site reconsideration. Identification and correction of such issues will improve the performance of your SEO.

Use descriptive alt tags to optimize your images

Before and after photos are essential to add to your site. Most patients are looking for visuals to see the outcome of procedures. When adding your images, it is vital to name the photos and include descriptions of those images, known as alt tags. 

SEO wise, most of the top-ranking webpages often fail to use keywords in the alt tags of their images. Some of them fail to include alt tags in the pictures altogether. To have a high notch ranking, ensure that there are descriptive alt tags in your images. 

SEO is one of the ways you can utilize to drive as many patients to your clinic as you can handle. Being able to apply tactics explained above and many more will help you to significant traffic to your plastic surgery clinic website. 

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