What are SEO keywords?

By plastic312 / October 22, 2019

In modern days, most people use the internet as a source of information. Many of your prospective patients are using the internet to search for qualified and board-certified plastic surgeons that can help them accomplish their beauty goals. This has been so due to the significant usage of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. As a plastic surgeon, you need to keep an eye on internet marketing to attract more patients to your business. You need to ensure that your website appears in the search engines used by those patients who are seeking cosmetic surgery. 

What does SEO keywords mean?

Ensuring that your website is visible in the search results does not just happen by chance. An experienced SEO marketer knows the words entered by people in search engines as they search for different surgical procedures. These words are known as keywords and are an integral part of search engine optimization. The primary objective of SEO is to assist your website rank in the search engines for these valuable keywords. Although many factors affect the success of your website ranking, keywords play a significant role in helping the search engines to understand your website pages. 

When the search engines understand your website pages, they can display them appropriately, and this provides the searchers with the relevant information they are looking for. SEO follows the keywords used by your patients as they search for the procedures you perform, which directs the searchers to the relevant pages of your website. 

Types of SEO keywords

There are two types of SEO keywords. These types are long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords. 

First, long-tail keywords are keywords that incorporate more than one word. They may contain four to ten words, and in some cases, they may be more than ten words. Low competition and low search volumes characterize these keywords. As a result, although few people search the keywords, the chances of reaching those people are very high. The search intent for these keywords is also cleaner and more transparent.

An example of a long-tail keyword is: best nose job surgeon in Miami FL

Secondly, short-tail keywords are keywords that contain very few words. They mostly contain only one to three words. The search volume for these keywords is almost always very high since there are a high number of people who search for these words every month.

An example of a short-tail keyword is: plastic surgeon Miami

Short tail keywords are more highly competitive, and ranking for them is not as easy as it is with the long-tail keywords. Because of this, it’s always advisable to incorporate a strategy using both long-tail and short-tail keywords in an SEO campaign.  

How to select the right keywords?

For SEO success, you first need to ensure that the keywords chosen are appropriate and relevant. You need to gather the information that helps you to select the right keywords by performing keyword research. 

Before selecting keywords, you need to sit down and determine your ultimate goals for SEO. SEO is used to improve website traffic, which eventually increases the revenue your practice earns due to increased consultations and procedures scheduled. However, to stand out among your competitors, you need to have specific goals for your SEO keywords. Creating brand new pages on your site for each procedure that you perform is the best practice for surgeons. 

For instance, let’s say you perform rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and face lift surgery. You’ll want to create an individual page for each procedure. It will look something like this: 




Any agency doing marketing for your practice needs to conduct preliminary research. Some of the critical strategies they should consider are conducting keyword research, which improves your keyword selection and the way you place them within your content. Using keyword and topic generator tools, such as LSI graph, will help you come up with effective keywords, also. 

Besides, you need to come up with a list of keywords and export them into your spreadsheet. This will help you to have a quick comparison of the keywords as well as sorting them according to your specific fields. 

After creating your SEO keywords list, you need to narrow it down. You may use various variables such as the competition, search volume, and as well as the relevance of these keywords. 

You need to determine the number of times people search for a specific keyword in the search engines. This helps you to predict the traffic you are likely to get from such keywords. Keywords with the highest search volumes are, in most cases, the most competitive. It may be challenging to rank competitive keywords on SEO. You must, therefore, be able to balance between the competition and potential traffic a particular keyword may have. 

In conclusion, SEO keywords are essential and very useful in helping a website rank in SEO. Creating an SEO checklist to follow, and prioritizing keywords is likely going to have the biggest impact on your overall success strategy.

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