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Patient Growth Formula: 3D SEO System

Growing Your Practice Can Be Simplified in 3 Steps

I haven’t told you enough how excited I am to see the results of your work, and seeing the website rankings ever high, and the number of referrals we get in the office from the website. You do wonderful work.

 Dr. Kirman

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Before I started with SURGE, I was getting a few calls per week from prospective patients. 4 months into our campaign and my practice is fully booked for the next 2 months.  

 Dr. Moore

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Driving Patients To Your Practice

As a plastic surgeon, generating high quality leads that turn into patients is vital to the growth and sustainability of your practice. An effective way to go about producing high-quality leads is through search engine optimization (SEO). Getting your website ranked in the top search results for key search terms will not only help you bring in more patients to your practice, but it will also help you establish credibility, attract continuous business, and build local branding.

Spine Surgeon SEO: Why Is It So Important?

SEO for plastic surgeons is essential because many of your potential patients go to the search engines to research before they make a final decision. They will look for everything from procedures, before and after photos, potential surgeons, to the costs of surgery. You want your website ranked near to top for these searches and provide valuable information to them. You can then convert these people into leads through free consultations.

With plastic surgeon SEO, you’ll be able to rank in the top results for these searches. For example, you’ll be able to target keywords like “Atlanta rhinoplasty” or “Miami nose job surgeon.” Targeting these keywords will allow you to deliver the right kind of information the person is looking for, position yourself as the expert, and potentially get the person to come into your practice.

SEO Can't Be Ignored With Increasing Competition

SEO for plastic surgeons is becoming essential for competing in your local space. Other practices are investing heavily in SEO for a wide variety of reasons. First, a successful SEO campaign will allow you to maintain top rankings for a very long time. This means that you will have a reliable revenue stream you can grow your practice with.

Second, getting top rankings in your area helps you establish your credibility. Many Internet users intuitively look at the top ranked websites in search listings as more credible than the ones that are ranked lower. As a matter of fact, only a small percentage of users will go past the first or second page. This is because the search engines do a great job of showing relevant and accurate results on the first page.

Finally, SEO allows you to help you build a local brand. Making a name for yourself through traditional means is difficult. It usually involves a ton of radio spots, billboards, and newspaper ads. A faster way of building your brand is by getting the top positions in the search engines. When combined with other channels like email, social media, and existing offline marketing efforts, you’ll be able to quickly position yourself as the go-to plastic surgeon in your area.

How Do We Approach SEO for Spine Surgeons?

While there are many ways to go about building an SEO campaign, we like to focus on each surgeon’s unique business model. For example, we’ll target the most profitable procedures for the practice. We then look at how we can best target patients researching or looking for that procedure. This is done by looking for keyword searches spanning multiple categories.

This will include searches by location, buyer intent searches comparing practices, searches for procedures, searches validating credentials, search for financing, etc. This approach gives our clients many different ways to reach qualified patients. It also helps to generate results for the practice while the local SEO campaign is built for the most competitive phrases in your area. Overall, the SEO strategy should be answering all the questions, concerns, and research points in the mind of the prospect.

Our SEO Services: What Do We Cover?

  1. A comprehensive keyword research phase to identify the best opportunities for your SEO campaign and practice.
  2. Keyword and campaign audits to help you maximize your campaign if you have a current campaign that has failed.
  3. Extensive competitive research to approach the campaign in the best way possible. This allows us to capitalize on the best opportunities and identify the weaknesses of competitors.
  4. Landing pages that are designed to offer value to your visitors and increase the chances of them following up with you (email, phone, live chat, etc.).
  5. Websites that are designed for optimum performance. This means decreased load times, mobile friendly designs, and strong user experience.
  6. Pages with accurate on page optimization and built with high-quality content which results in higher ranking.
  7. Focus on a local SEO campaign if you’re focusing on your area. Things like review building, citation building, link building, Google My Business profile optimization, and more.
  8. An overall digital marketing campaign that works together with other channels like social media, email, and phone-based marketing system.

You're More Than A Client. We Are Partners.

We understand that you need a reliable team to help your SEO campaign succeed while you focus on running, managing and growing your practice. That’s why we put a lot of energy into making it easy to work with us. Our team will start working with you by building an SEO strategy that is unique to your practice. This will help you build your practice the right way and eliminate distractions that do not help you move towards your vision.

To ensure that you stay in the loop, we’ll provide regular reports of the campaign. If we manage to secure a top ranking for a critical keyword, you’ll be alerted and given an idea of the next step in the campaign. You’ll also get to see the specific results that your campaign is generating. So you’ll always know if a particular keyword is generating a large number of leads and patients. This will allow us to work together and better refine the strategy and campaign.

We helped many plastic surgeons build a profitable SEO campaign for their practice. Our track record speaks for itself, but we know how important it is to get a better idea of what the service provider can offer.

To learn more about how we can help, call us today at (number) or contact us directly through our contact form for a free consultation and website evaluation.

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